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Drawings from Kyrgyzstan

Xavier Trizet
Picture Book
28 pages
140 x 210 mm
From original illustrations by Kids from Kyrgyzstan

About the Kyrgyz and Uzbek conflict that clashed in Southern Kyrgyzstan in 2010.

In 2010 a conflict between Kyrgyz and Uzbek communities clashed in southern Kyrgyzstan, around Osh and Jalalabad. The riots forced many thousands of people to leave their homes.

International organisations were mobilised to ensure protection was given for those leaving and for those staying, and one of the most challenging tasks they were working with was to start building bridges between both communities to ensure they could move forward and live together.

Around the area, UNICEF created some campus were Kids from different ethnic groups and communities could join and play together. An example of integration not only for children but for parents and adults.

I had the opportunity to join one of those campus while on assignment around the area and after having some fun and playing some games with the kids they painted some drawings about their life, their country and their family.

Those drawings they painted are now compiled in a Book for your enjoyment and awareness.

This Publication is available in the following editions and languages

Digital PDF / English

Apple epub for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices / English