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Monster Boy

Xavier Trizet
Picture Book
32 pages
140 x 210 mm

“That Night I discovered the true meaning of my nightmares and dreams. That Night … Oh … That Day !!”

Monster Boy, a picture book where the story is about you, about your fears and hopes and how you deal with them.

Our life is a projection of our thoughts, a projection of our nightmares and dreams as a kid and our fears or daily problems as an adult; therefore, you shouldn’t feel sad or bad about what you feel or think because you are never alone.

Sometimes you might feel stuck and think you cannot keep going but then you realise that it is only you who can walk the path … Face your inner world, smile and enjoy!

A simple story with an underlying meaning. Read it, explore it, discover it or create new ones.

Monster Boy is a picture book not only for children but also for adults and for those parents who like reading stories to their children.

Monster Boy,
a Boy who becomes a Monster and a Monster who has always been a Boy.

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Apple iBook for iPad / Spanish and English