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We R the Woman in Red

This illustrated book is set in Istanbul, Turkey, during the protests that clashed against the government in June 2013. The Turkish Revolution. This is a fairy tale on a real story.

Like little Red Riding Hood on the well known fairy tale, the Woman in Red had to face not one but a group of Big Bad Wolves on his way across the forest. But this time little Red Cap is not little, she is not in a fairy tale and she is not crossing a forest neither but a nice park that very big bad wolves want to destroy and demolish, Gezi park. The Woman in Red, on her way across the park finds the support of her counterparts, people like her who are also attacked by the evil forces of the big bad wolves and they all join forces for a brighter future … but this is just the beginning of a real tale where the ending depends on you.

Xavier Trizet
Picture Book
Art Zine

Original Paper Edition

28 pages
140 x 210 mm
Red, Black and White ink on offset FSC free paper
Cover on coloured red paper
Handmade and illustrated directly on the book

Original edition.
Signed by the Author.
Introductory handmade writing letter


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28 pages
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